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This is an open source game that was inspired by an old network game called Pacwars by Iain Syme in 1990-91. This game is a fusion of PacWars and Atomic Bomberman. This project uses the SDL library, ParaGui menu system, SeeR scripting engine, Mappy editor, client-server internet networking and other cool stuff. We are trying to make it portable by using libraries (SDL) that are cross platform.

How to Help

We could always use your help on Pacwars 2. We need developers that want to develop new components and help debug and improve the current components of the game. We also need testers to find bugs so that the game is more stable and more playable. Bugs also includehow easy the user interface is and the balance of the game. If you have ideas on how Pacwars could be better, mail me your thoughts.


  1. See the old web page.
  2. See our Project Page on Sourceforge also
  3. SDL library
  4. Paragui
  5. Origonal Pacwars Fan Page
E-mail: Neil Miller