Pacwars 2: Developer

Screen Shots
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If you are interested in working on Pacwars 2. First I suggest you download the CVS version. Make sure that you can compile it. Try to fool with the configuration or mail me if you can't hack it. There are a few issues that need to be solved so that compiling it is easier. We should document these so that we can fix them.

Learning the Code

Read the interface files. You might also want to look at pw2.cpp.

Stuff that needs to get done

The whole program isn't really object oriented. If it was then it would be easier to maintain and work with. For instance, the game class shouldn't have the array of objects as a public member. Outside classes shouldn't need to know how the game stores objects. I would like to make this more object oriented so that it is easier to work with individual components.
E-mail: Neil Miller